Perfect for those without a garden, or who only have a small space to work with, succulents love growing in pots. A potted succulent can really brighten up a balcony, patio, table or windowsill. They’re small, and easy to carry from house to house, or simply shift around for a changing look.

It’s easy to choose the perfect size succulent for your pot with the InStyle Succulent categories. Simply select from our Small, Medium or Large category depending on the pot size, or Spreading if you want the plant to trail over the edges for a softened look.

Succulents in containers will require protection from extreme heat and cold. They will need a lightweight succulent potting mix that has a good component of sand, and there will need to be plenty of sunshine. You can buy a special “succulent mix” from any plant nursery. A sprinkling of pebbles on top will help give a neat finish and anchor any loose soil down. An occasional sprinkle or mist with water is all that’s needed to keep them hydrated, and this is best done in the warmer months.

Article written with help from Homelife