It’s winter time and we’ve all got the heater going inside our homes – We’re feeling cosy, but have you given a thought towards your indoor plants? Too often we forget that our plants can become quite stressed due to a range of different extreme conditions.

🔥 Too Hot
❄️ Too Cold
🍂 Too Dry
🍃 Too Wet
☀️ Too Sunny
🌚 Too Shady

It’s really tricky to find the perfect spot for your indoor plants! Luckily we can take a bit of the stress away with PowerFeed ‘Pro Series’ Pots & Planters for Indoor and Outdoor. Promoting lush and healthy foliage with it’s premium blend of fertiliser plus added seaweed and soil improver, as well as encouraging beautiful flowers. The seaweed boost stimulates the root system for overall health and vigour. PowerFeed Pots & Planters also contains liquid compost which conditions the potting mix and helps to maximise nutrient uptake.


We decided to see for ourselves when we potted up a Pilea Peperomioides in a self-watering pot with some PowerFeed Pots & Planters.

It was easy to add to a watering can and water in, then the water reservoir began to fill. We chose a “foot” system planter, whereby the Pilea roots could grow and access the fertiliser themselves, rather than sitting directly in the water. It was a great way to ensure that all of the PowerFeed Pots & Planters was soaked up by the plant over a longer time. A few days later it had settled into it’s new home nicely, with absolutely no trace of any stinky smell. This surprised us, as often some of the natural fertilisers can be quite pungent and off-putting when used indoors.

It’s now been just over a month since we potted up the Pilea, and it’s looking great! The leaves are shiny and green, with a few fresh new leaves about to unfurl.

Thank you to PowerFeed Pots & Planters for taking the stress away!