Almost all succulents require full sun, but did you know that there are some that love a few extra rays than others? Presenting our list of “Full Sun Stunners” for that hot spot in your garden where everything else seems to sizzle in the sun – These guys will dazzle you with their beauty and are the toughest choice in the heat. If they’re in a pot be sure to use a good quality mix such as Searles Cacti & Succulent Mix and fertilise with Searles Flourish Cacti & Succulent Plant Food for a boost of foliage and flower colour and vibrancy.

Crassula Atropurpurea (4) - WEBCrassula Atropurpurea
A gorgeous pop of colour in your hanging baskets! Crassula Atropurpurea has waxy succulent leaves with magenta blushed tips. Clusters of delicate white flowers appear in spring that gives this plant that perfect finishing touch.

succulent-instyle-Echeveria-Paul-Bunyan-(6)Echeveria Paul Bunyan
Paul Bunyan is a rugged succulent with interesting raised bumps in the middle of each leaf. Sure to be a talking point when potted up and placed on your table, each plant is different and unique. The colour will intensify with the sun and also with age.

Crassula-Campfire (11)Crassula Campfire
Bright, flaming red leaves makes this plant really pop during winter. This one would look simply stunning potted up in a black or white monochrome pot, to really accentuate the colours. Dainty sprays of white flowers delicately whisp from this succulent like smoke during summer to autumn.

Sedum Adolphii - WEBSedum Adolphii
If you want lots of lovely colour in your design, then Sedum Adolphii is a great choice. It is a rangy creeper, developing casual rosettes of football shaped yellow green leaves. If you put it in complete sun, you’ll be rewarded with amazing orange-red highlights.

succulent-instyle-Crassula-capitella-ssp.-thyrsifloraCrassula Capitella
Crassula Capitella is an interesting architectural plant with layered, ruby, triangular leaves. It’s of of our most striking choices of spreading succulents and really has that wow factor! You’ll find it’ll definitely draw attention with it’s hypnotic structure and intense colour.

Orthonna Ruby Necklace - WEBOthonna Ruby Necklace
Othonna Ruby Necklace is your dream hanging basket plant. A tumble of purple jewel-like beads cascading down, making this plant a beauty to behold. Looks it’s absolute best in full sun, and if you don’t water it too much the colour will really shine. Bright yellow flowers appear all year round as an added treat.